Myrthe Schol

The Profane and
the Devoted

Religion and it’s art have always fascinated me. As someone who does not necaserrily believe in a god, I wanted to see the visual matter in a neutral way. And see what kind of selection I would end up with.

To make clear I am not making assumptions or claim I know more about religion than I do, I will be using the Umbrella term and decided to focus on only certain religions I am the most familiar with.  I ended up  splitting the book into two sections: The devine and the Profane. The profane show  the depicted ‘bad’ figures in western religion and the Devine shows the ‘good’ figures in western religion.  

Personally I found it challenging to just call something  bad or good which also  starts a good moral question to be discussed: What can even be considered to be good or bad?

148 x 210 mm
Katern stitching
276 pages
Font: Marion

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