Myrthe Schol

What's it called?

Soil, and therefore research is fundamental for future generations to prevent climate disasters. Soil is something that we don’t necessarily see from our day-to-day lives, therefore making it harder for us to pay attention to.
I wanted to challenge my role as a graphic designer to see how I can educate myself and others about soil in an easy manner. My project only scratches the surface of such a complex topic. When I started my research there was a lot to find, so I asked my dad about it because I knew he studied biology at Wageningen University and asked him: Who the hell does this stuff? Where he then told me he graduated studying soil biology, something I never knew before. The outcome is not only an exploration of the graphic design and biology relation I made, but it was also an opportunity to connect with my dad and show the dynamic between the two of us.

Video of beamer beamed onto text
Beamer attached to microscope
2 overhead projectors
6 different kinds of soils
Binder with data visuals
Arduino with a soil moisture sensor