Myrthe Schol

About me

I’m a 23-year-old graphic designer based in Arnhem, with my bachelor in graphic design , studied at ArtEZ Arnhem, The Netherlands.

My work mostly revolves around typographic matter, in print and books. But also mostly includes, identities, coding and video making. 

The concepts I've explored in my works are with topics such as: people's past, memory, stress, senses, and environment around them so within culture and family conditions.

✩ Bachelor Graphic Design ArtEZ Arnhem 2018 - 2023

✩ Product Design Finals 2023, Identity; Catalog, Instagram & Website

✩ Internship Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam Curation Graphic Design  oktober 2021- february 2022


✩ Already Booked livestream, identity and orginasation 2021

✩ Class representative 2018-2020

Demo festival 2019

✩ Pre-course Art & Design ArtEZ 2017 - 2018