Myrthe Schol

The Devoted and the Profane

148 x 210 mm
Katern stitching
276 pages

Religion and it’s art have always fascinated me. As someone who does not necaserrily believe in a god, I wanted to see the visual matter in a neutral way. And see what kind of selection I would end up with.

To make clear I am not making assumptions or claim I know more about religion than I do, I will be using the Umbrella term and decided to focus on only certain religions I am the most familiar with.  I ended up  splitting the book into two sections: The devine and the Profane. The profane show  the depicted ‘bad’ figures in western religion and the Devine shows the ‘good’ figures in western religion. 

Personally I found it challenging to just call something  bad or good which also  starts a good moral question to be discussed: What can even be considered to be good or bad? 

What's it called? 

Soil, and therefore research is fundamental for future generations to prevent climate disasters. Soil is something that we don’t necessarily see from our day-to-day lives, therefore making it harder for us to pay attention to. I wanted to challenge my role as a graphic designer to see how I can educate myself and others about soil in an easy manner. My project only scratches the surface of such a complex topic. When I started my research there was a lot to find, so I asked my dad about it because I knew he studied biology at Wageningen University and asked him: Who the hell does this stuff? Where he then told me he graduated studying soil biology, something I never knew before. The outcome is not only an exploration of the graphic design and biology relation I made, but it was also an opportunity to connect with my dad and show the dynamic between the two of us.

Typeface Tense

Typographer Jung Lee held a type Chindogu workshop. Chindogu originated in Japan and is characterized by the invention of ingenious everyday gadgets that seem to be ideal solutions to particular problems, but which, in fact, cause more problems than they solve.

Doing a full-time study puts a lot of stress on my body. Some days when I travel to school I fantasize about bringing my pillow to school. My sketch was based on a pillow hat, so the font “Tense” represents the shape of a pillow.

Social Poetics

The aim of re-designing this issue of Oase, was making the issue easily accesible for readers like me who are for example dyslectic. This specific issue is focused on themes like social work and how architecture comes into play for this:

I wanted to translate that to book design as well, making it easy to read so the pictures, and the footnotes are more involved into the page layout. Giving the issue the space it deserved. Taking up the space like in architecture.


After following a typography and Opentype (js) animation workshop held by Amir Houeih and Vera van de Seyp, we committed the type motion to Demo festival. My WAX lighthouse inspired animation was chosen and shown at Amsterdam centraal on the screens on both sides of the passage.

Modernised Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

The  famous novel Frankenstein, written by Mary Shelley (Wollstonecraft Godwin) that was published in 1818, is heavily edited by her husband.  Oxford university published the notes made by Mary and her husband Percy Shelley. 

We decided it would only be fair to give credits to her original writing, as women rights from the time of publishing were very limited, we thought it was time to re-publish her original writing and cross out Percy’s edits. To really show the beauty  of her own type of writing, very ahead of her time and easy to read for modern readers.

Significant Reminiscence

Researching about different peoples perceptions of sound, made me question how they value that sound. So I made a questionare where I asked: 

If you could give one moment in your life a sound, what moment would that be? 

After multiple surveys I collected a database of how other people interpratated that certain moment. I collected the answers and re-made those sounds in collaboration with two muscicians and myself. Out of these sounds I made a prototype website using HTML, Js and CSS, where the visitor can make their own soundscapes, based on the answers of the survey. 


Elements of nature, using only type for both the text and the texture.

Passing it on

My grandpa has been making machines for the last 20 years or even longer. He was a math teacher at high school. He used those skills to learn and have hobbies like making machines: Walking ladybug or a box with a clown in it that closes the lid if you open it. That’s not the only thing he does. He also picked up drawing and has published a book with little stories that he has made.

He has always documented everything with his old camera and is the reason half of my childhood is filmed. My grandfather was a Mariner at sea, so traveled the world and has had a such a rich life full of amazing stories that could go on forever. He has always been a rolemodel, very smart, very technical and practical and very theoretical. The discussions I had with him about the universe and world from already a very young age and his willingness to learn and share the things that he knows. He has been a big inspiration in my youth to also focus on creative growth and show all the possibilities that are open to me. 

Mouse Discodetheque

Experiment made with p5 and Javascript, the code reacts to the microphone input so speech, music etc and creates a colorful screen, by moving the mouse you can also add to the visuals by moving the circles.

(excuse for the lagging, my macbook cant handle screen recording..)

Rescuing my tumblr 

Tumblr has become less and less popular over the years. Bankrupcy is about to happen. In my teenage years I used to spend days and days just blogging. To prefent loosing that digital footprint forever, I rescued it by downloading all of them (10.000 posts) giving the images a new pupose. 

Loading them onto a website where the server has a maximum of 100 MB storage, therefore being forced to be reduced in size.